Top 5 Free Offers For Free Offline Games For iPhone Users

Free offline games have become very common and popular in today’s world where we are constantly connected to the internet by either cable or satellite TV. The android mobile operating system also allows you to access free online games on your phone. The good news is that there are several pros and cons associated with this feature. As more people download and use android devices, there is a real possibility of the android platform becoming saturated with duplicate and/or fake applications. These apps are designed to steal your personal information and undermine the security of your phone.

Many developers of free offline games for android are not licensed by Google and therefore cannot have an application on google play store. In case of breach of license, these developers might face severe penalties including suspension of services. You can read about more about Google’s policies and rules regarding application on their official website. If you are willing to download free games for your mobile phone, then it is recommended that you use an authentic and licensed server. Google Play has a very strict policy of terminating accounts of those who are caught downloading illegal applications on to their mobile phones.

So, which are the best offline games for android to play? The best option to download free-to-play games for your device is to download the iPhone version of Tetris. This version is supported by the infinite rotation technology and offers unlimited game play with the online leaderboard. You can also download various puzzle game versions for free such as Sudoku, Tetris, and Dr. Pigeon etc.

There are few pros and cons associated with the iPhone version of free offline games. One of the main pros is that you can use the accelerometer to change the level of difficulty. You can easily change the level of difficulty as the level of the competing puzzles increases. Also, you can select the music for your games, which is available free of cost along with the games themselves on the App store. You can change the background music of the device while you are playing a puzzle game and this is available in various styles such as slow motion, speed and chaos. Visit for more information.

Another one of the top-rated free offline games for iphone is the free version of Minecraft. The amazing game version in which you are required to construct your own home by using Lego bricks and then use the power of magnets to create machines to blast your way to the finish line. The amazing blocks that are used in this game include redwood, bamboo and glass and there are many advanced techniques such as using the power of water and air to float and other such tools. You can also buy weapons and armors for yourself and defeat the enemy.

The basic version of the game is free to play, but the fun increases manifold when you purchase a gold pack. The pack contains 24 rare golden coins and it can be traded to gold shop for real money. This gold has double value and you can later sell these coins for higher value at the real market. It is not recommended for gaming where you have to pay high price for buying the item, but for racing and online ios game its free offline option which can save you from spending unnecessary bucks on purchasing gold.

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