The Best Dog Food for Puppies

One question you should definitely know the answer to before bringing your puppy home is what dog food you are going to feed them. And because there are a million different brands with fancy marketing campaigns poised to play on your emotions — and a lot of strong opinions on the subject — the decision can be complicated. To help you narrow the field, we asked nine veterinarians to help us find the best of the bunch for all kinds of puppies. Loaded with real chicken, this product is a perfectly balanced food for your puppy.

A lot depends on breed, owner’s budget, and the size of your new pup. Take a look at our nutrition guide and find the best food for puppies. Choosing the best food for your growing puppy is critical in making sure they start off on the right path for development. A nourishing and complete diet ensures your puppy will be set up for a happy, healthy life.

Large breed puppies grow very quickly, so they require more calories than small breeds; therefore it is important to choose a large breed puppy food formula specifically designed for their needs. These large breed puppy foods provide extra proteins and calories that these dogs need to support healthy growth and development. Hi Chris, there’s a few hypoallergenic products on the market, but if it’s a food sensitivity then there are also many other foods which would work (dry/wet/barf/raw/fresh). My best advice is to try and figure out the cause as this will give you many more options for the future rather than being locked into a vet-endorsed kibble.

Natures Menu are Europe’s leading expert on raw and natural food for dogs and cats. Their award-winning range of highly convenient complete and balanced are nourishing, easily digested and made with ethically sourced human-grade meat and wholesome ingredients. This recipe contains turkey, salmon, white fish plus veggies, sweet potato, spinach and swede. The dog food market is huge, with many products to choose from. There is no way that we can review all the products available, but we have selected some of our all-time favorites to share with you.

Was also wondering if or when specific wet food reviews may happen, I’m using these as meal toppers currently, to ensure that my puppy was eating well as she got desexed recently. Lastly but not leastly, a number of really good dog food brands have sprung up which offer delivery straight to your door. These companies cut out the middle men in order to keep costs down. It’s a win win for them and for you, especially as some pet stores take as much as 40% of the profits. Most puppy owners opt for dry food out of convenience, but as a convenience food don’t assume it has to be their entire diet.

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