How to Avoid the Spread of Fake Facebook Likes

Fake Facebook likes come from real individuals like yourself liking your page. These are actual bots, active Facebook users. It might sound unlikely, but these bots can influence your page and it is by no means impossible. You probably already know this, but fake Facebook likes really are more than just that.

real facebook likes

bots are basically software programs that run on Facebook. They use Facebook’s internal applications and data to try to sway you into clicking their links or buying their products. They do this by flooding your wall with spam. Bots also use special coding in order to make themselves look like real Facebook members so that when they “like” your page, the software matches it.

Bots can flood your wall and pages with spam, but they can also post things on your wall that are not genuine. Bots post things such as ads for things like cribs for kittens or designer dresses for little girls. These ads are stuffed with keywords in order to attract you to click on them and visit their websites. Many times these posts are actually made by these bots themselves and nothing is ever purchased with these ads. Click here for more information about buy facebook followers cheap

Another problem lies in the fact that real Facebook users will generally not purposefully give away their true opinions for things like cribs. However, both have a way of doing so. When a real person posts an advertisement for something on their page, it attracts other Facebook users to it. But when the ad appears on a fake account, it attracts nobody.

This is where bots can get you banned from a website. If Facebook gets caught banning a real user for posting an advertisement that looks suspicious, then that user can simply create a new account and start the same advertising campaign again. In this case, the bots spread themselves out and will not be caught in the spamming method used by spammers, resulting in a loss for Facebook and their advertisers.

In short, it appears that the recent flap over the fake “likes” on a real estate page was caused by bots. The best way to avoid the spread of bots is to make sure that you only post original content. You should also make sure to read the terms of service given to you as well as the guidelines given for using Facebook. When you follow these simple steps, you will find that you are able to remain on popular pages longer and that the services you use on your pages will be more authentic.

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