Free Online Games – Pros and Cons

The internet is chock full of free qq online games. You’ve just got to go online and search them out. It can be quite a task when you want to find the best ones. I have listed some sites to help you make your decision.

Out of all the choices, the one I think is the best is League of War: Direct Control. Direct Control is free to play, flash based, PvP and Co-op versus AI. There are several game modes with each offering something different from the other. You can do battle on the ground or in the air, and get into massive vehicles and other war machines.

Another one on the list that comes to mind is Eve Online. It may be a bit complex to new players, but it is definitely worth taking a look at. Eve Online has several pros and cons, but I will highlight the pros because I believe they pertain mostly to the game itself and how the player will enjoy the gameplay. For instance, it offers a free character and can be played completely free while Eve Online has pros to it such as the ability to purchase your own weapons and armor.

When looking through the free online games websites, I noticed that there were only a few pros to Eve Online and that there were only a few cons. This makes me think that the majority of gamers like the game. Some people like Eve Online because it has very realistic visuals and sounds. Then again, there are some people who don’t like it because of the control scheme and how it can be hard to control groups of players simultaneously. It can also be frustrating playing with friends.

League of War: Reflex is another game that comes to mind. Reflex is a free online games website that features very detailed 2D action and several different game modes. This game has pros and cons just like Eve Online has pros and cons. One of the best things about Reflex is that it’s free and all you need is a web browser. There are several different versions of Reflex available and the most popular one is Reflex HD.

I was able to play all of these games for free using a combination of a good internet connection, Windows Vista, a mouse, and a keyboard. Each of the games had excellent graphics, great sound quality, and multiple player options. Some people have criticized the controls in Eve Online and League of War: Reflex, but I didn’t find those to be particularly difficult to use. The graphics and the sound quality were both very clear and crisp. After playing for several hours, I didn’t really find any cons about these free online games available to me.

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