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Your practice provides dental care and patients should then pay for that dental care. Unfortunately, it can be a struggle to collect payment from some patients for a variety of reasons. The good news is I can help your practice reach the 98% industry benchmark. By following these eight tips, then you’ll start to see a significant improvement in your practice’s collections. Contact us today and learn how our dental collection agency services can restore the cash flow and health of your practice. One of the main reasons your dental clients may hesitate to pay you is because they are having financial challenges. to know more click on this site

Cordless Hygiene Handpieces Townies talk tech and see what the consensus is on these wireless options for hygiene … Bone Loss with Purulence Should there be an attempt to save this implant or is it a goner? He is the creator and Sensei of, a free resource designed to help dentists find reputable partners to help with other crucial functions in their practices. If they are vague, they may be “winging it”; this can be a liability.

When you sell your debt to a debt buyer, you lose that control—and you’ll likely lose a customer, too. However, the tradeoff is that you’ll get an upfront payment. If the customer is no longer a viable client, it may be worthwhile to sell the debt to get some of the money back that is owed to you. By contrast, a debt buyer is a company that buys the debt from you. Once you sell it, you no longer have any access or control over the account. The debt buyer will use their means to collect the money owed, including tactics like settlement or even litigation.

There needs to be kindness and courteousness, blended with a firmness that accomplishes the collection. When you have a documented dunning process, the dental practice staff is accountable. It also provides a visual representation of the steps the dental practice staff should take, based on the age of each past due account.

Moreover, initial dental patient calls placed or received by us are also free. For us, it’s not just a moral principle or our company vision—but also the reason why Fair Capital boasts outstanding results like no one else. When used in court, this information will illustrate extensive effort was put forth to recover the debt and can help strengthen your case. In case you write off bad debt as a tax deduction, our records can offer the proper documentation to the IRS. Testimonial quotes from actual testimonial letters we’ve received from satisfied clients.

This mismatch can have a massive effect on the performance of an employee. If you have substantial AR, not only will your staff resent you because of the laborious data entry—the reality is, it won’t get done. If so, it may be initially attractive; however, there is no promise for performance from either party, which often leads to disappointment. Consider using in-house financing with guaranteed methods of payment in certain circumstances. Exhibitor Connect with the best dental managers in the industry. Experienced enough to finesse your most difficult past due accounts without damaging your reputation in the community.

If you aren’t aware of this, you can make a mistake that can cost your dental practice a lot of money. Using our dental debt collection agency is a smart move because we will keep up to date on all these laws and regulations. This way, you will always stay compliant when contacting patients about past-due debt.

That’s one of the things that make our agency more successful in debt recovery for dental practices. Our comprehensive debt collection process helps us determine why your patients are paying late. This helps us develop customized techniques and strategies to help you receive the payments you deserve.

Some laws govern the debt collection industry, and well-informed patients won’t hesitate to sue your practice when their rights are violated. Our dental debt collection agency knows this, and that’s why we understand both federal and state collection laws. This allows us to lawfully recover unpaid debts on your behalf, eliminating any legal trouble.

Internal staff cannot be rude when collecting past-due bills from patients, as it may spoil the dental office’s reputation. Depending on the age of the claim and the balance, you could end up paying fees on the higher end of the scale. In some cases, you may have to pay additional fees such as litigation costs to recoup the outstanding debt. With The Kaplan Group, there are no setup or membership fees.

The dental industry is complex and becomes more challenging all the time. DSOs, dental and orthodontic groups, and private practices need a dental collection agency that understands the intricacies of dental billing to recover more and get you paid faster. IC System works with thousands of dental and orthodontic organizations like yours to collect bad debt. Best of all, we ensure a patient experience rooted in informative and empathetic communication that results in a higher recovery rate. Unpaid bills are an ongoing issue for nearly all dental practices in the USA.

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