Cheap and Affordable CEBU TOUR PACKAGES 2023

We will pick you up from your hotel or own residences and do the tours and we will safely drop you off back to your hotel. Make sure to give us feedback and this will help us improve our services in the future. There are so many exciting things to do Cebu, and amazing tourist spots and destinations to discover. From enjoying the city life, to discovering its natural wonders, to learning culture, and heritage, Cebu has it all. You can actually explore and discover the best of Cebu with Do-it-yourself trip.

There are various transportation options available in Cebu. The main one would have to be jeepneys, though there are also multicabs and buses that can take you between towns. If you want to be more comfortable, cabs are the way to go. You can also book car or van Cebu transfers, or rent a car so you can drive at your own pace. The island province of Cebu is located in the Visayas region of the Philippines. The Osmena Peak is quite famous for providing some exquisite panoramic views, which can only be enjoyed through hiking.

The season of scorching summer comes to haunt the climate of Cebu in April and keeps influencing it until June. Therefore, during this period, the weather in this piece of heaven stays quite hot and humid. So, if you visit Cebu during the summer, then you will not have to deal with the enormous tourist traffic. The famous Kawasan falls, with its powerful and cool blue waters, brings magic in anyone’s travel.

Cebu City is known as one of the Queen city of the south, It is one of the emerging met…. The Philippines is a beautiful country located in the western Pacific ocean, it has aro…. Do you want to go on an amazing beach tour to the Philippines?

Cebu also offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy water activities; you can go swimming at Bakhaw Beach and jet skiing and parasailing at Mactan Island. Malapascua Island is a famous tourist spot of Cebu for scuba diving and snorkelling; here you can explore colourful corals, reefs and fascinating marine life including thresher sharks. Cebu truly is a haven for wildlife lovers with several species to encounter. Visit the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary, located at Olango Island to spot rare migratory birds, including Asiatic dowitchers and Chinese egrets.

If a Philippines holiday is in your mind, opt for the top-ranked cebu tour packages from …. If you further want to delve into the local lifestyle of the city, then you can also travel by a Jeepney. They generally look like the color mini-buses and can help you go anywhere in Cebu. Among the local transports, metered taxis are probably the best options. However, if you want to enjoy the natural beauty of the city while traveling by yourself, then you can also hire a car. Numerous local companies are there in Cebu who can help you with that.

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