Amazon VS Flipkart: Battle in the Indian Market

Every multinational company tends to expand its business in bigger markets. You would have seen many companies adding extra expenses in making a name for their company in a major market. If you are an intending investor ten, you need to know something’s about major companies. A stock of a company is only purchased when the performance is impressive. When a major market is discussed, India is the leading one. 

The benefit of Investing in the Indian market is that the purchasing capacity is high, and also the population contributes to the recipient of a company. Amazon entered the Indian market in the years 03. This move was not that successful because the only work was to compare the products and suggest the best one. This function was not that popular until the Internet revolution took place in India. This paved the way for Amazon to become the most popular E-commerce retail store in India. The popularity of Amazon is very high due to the best products at reasonable prices. 

Flipkart is an Indian based e-commerce company which is competing with Amazon. You would see that the sales and stocks are of equal level due to similar functionality. The battle in the Indian market is on, and you should know everything about it. This is because as an intending investor, Amazon’s performance in the biggest market should be known to you. Therefore, let’s take a look at this topic in detail. 

How the market share is dominated in the Indian Market

The market share in India is dominated by these two retail giants. To be more precise, the exact numbers are 32% for Flipkart and 31% for Amazon. This is not a huge competition in terms of numbers because 1% is not tough to eliminate. In 2013, Amazon was the leading retail company until Flipkart entered the market. Due to the tag on “Made in India”, emotional Indians prefer Flipkart at any cost. Amazon tackled this by providing best products reasonable prices and still is giving a tough one for Flipkart. The Amazon stock price is near $3200, which is expected to rise even higher. 

Amazon is currently in a 1v2 situation because Walmart entered the market by purchasing a $16 billion market share of Amazon. This number is the major cause of why Flipkart is leading the Indian retail business. This move by Walmart was to bring down Amazon to the ground and beat them internationally. Still, Amazon has managed to earn a handsome amount of receipt from the Indian market in 2020. Due to the highest number of Covid cases in some parts of India, Amazon has taken the market to storm. This states that Amazon is going to beat Flipkart in some year and rule the Indian market. You can get more information from

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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