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Super Mario Flash is an online flash game launched in 2021 by Nintendo to entertain or to simply entertain you. This game is the remake of the classic Mario and Sonic games that first appeared on Nintendo platforms. You can play many different games in this series including Mario, Sonic, Pitman, & many more. It’s quite simple to pick up and plays just as well as its predecessors.

In this game you play as Mario or Sonic and have to defeat all the baddies or goombas and collect all the coins. The game is quite challenging as you get hit by a lot of things and have to use your reflexes to beat every enemy and goomba. The best game in this series is definitely notdoppler. This is a challenging and exciting game that gives you hours of fun.

A new entry in the Super Mario franchise, Sonic and the lost gem, is quite different from its predecessors. In this game you play as a hedgehog and have to defeat all the robots who are sent to attack the human world. You have a powerful robotic duplicate of Sonic that is protecting Earth. While you fight the enemies you can upgrade your moves and use special moves like the dash, vertical jumps and throws. Collect all the gems to win the game. Let us know more information about 7bandarqq

In the latest release of Super Mario flash game you have to rescue the beautiful Princess Toadstool from the clutches of the evil skull Kid. You have to use the skid of your Wii platform to board her castle and rescue her. There are some amazing game features and game modes in this flash game. The main goal of the game is to rescue the princess and you can do so when you run into some tricky situations and have to jump, climb and swing your way through them. As you move on you will encounter the many places like the ship and castle, with its own set of mini-games and challenges.

Another exciting flash game with excellent game play and genre treatment is zombie stories. This game play is like a combination of the old and the new adventure. If you loved the classic arcade type games you will love this one. Zombie stories offers the classic zombie gaming experience. You are playing as one of those survivors who still keeps fighting when faced with hordes of zombies. You can Dodge, jump and smash everything that moves.

In the new release of super Mario flash game you can take command of the army of Mario and find out who is the boss of King Koopa. As you fight your way through different levels you will learn about the different moves of the army and their allies. You will also get to use the newest weapons that the heroes have. You will also enjoy the amazing game online interface and enjoy the spectacular graphics while playing. Super Mario is the best place to discover the next level of fun.

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