51 Stunning Staircase Design Ideas

Salmon pink serves as the vivacious backdrop for English and Dutch dog portraiture and European allegorical paintings. Todd Romano is in the entry with English Lab, George. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

The uppermost block is utilised as a desk on the mezzanine home office. Rather than joining shallow steps at their edges, this Small Business layers large flat square platforms one on top of the next, sliding away in the direction meant to climb. Bring peace to a stairwell with the sound of trickling water into an ornamental pool.

The floor cloth is part of Spicher and Company’s Williamsburg collection. Ballyfin is a historic Irish estate that lies an hour and a half outside of Dublin. Its main staircase is lined with stunning portraits on an unexpected robin’s egg blue wall. A marble floor and staircase makes this corner of the home every bit as timeless as the 19th-century estate itself. Italian designer Marco Bay dreamed up this staircase for his incredible Portofino farmhouse with spectacular water views. Bay keeps the rustic, old-world feel of the home and incorporates its natural environment surrounding the property with framed native grasses and an antique lantern.

It will also automatically alert you if you a design falls outside of building regulations. The types of stairs that take up the least space are ship stairs, spiral stairs, and alternating tread stairs. These stairs all feature compact designs for tight spaces. Staircases can be designed in an almost endless combination of different forms and types to best fit the space, function, and aesthetic of your project. Different types of stairs architecture provide different kinds of visual appeal and also take up varying amounts of space. Some types of stairs are more common in residences, while others are more commonly seen in commercial or industrial settings.

Not only will you easily fall off this spiral staircase, but it makes an excellent scratching post for cats as well. A closer look at this home’s 180-degree turn staircase with white railings, wooden handrails, and carpeted steps. Three-quarter turn staircase with carpeted steps and iron railings, lighted by wall lights. The area has hardwood flooring and a two-storey ceiling. The entryway of this Mediterranean home features a staircase with hardwood steps, matching the home’s hardwood floors.

From the beginning of dealing with white shanty it has been a pleasure. Almost immediately a designer reached out to confirm my order and get ready for my CAD drawing. The door was received earlier than expected on initial order. Strawberry Hill House is a historic landmark in one of London’s most affluent areas. Built in 1747, Strawberry Hill is one of Britain’s most renowned examples of Georgian Gothic Revival architecture, and this hauntingly beautiful staircase is no exception. A neutral color scheme allows the stunning architecture to shine here.

Explore the beautiful staircase photo gallery and find out exactly why Houzz is the best experience for home renovation and design. Up and down them several times a day, we don’t always see our useful staircases as a thing of beauty. However, this utilitarian part of the home can become the most showstopping piece to an interior design, using imagination and calculation. Consider the sheer size of this installation, and how by making it more sculptural, more personally styled and unique to the space we can manifest something magnificent.

With such an, ahem, elevated role withing a home, staircases deserve just as much decorative consideration and polish and as the rest of the home. For example, staircases make for ideal spaces for modern wallpaper or a dash of unexpected color. Unique lighting, an artful collection and statement-making runners are also brilliant ways to enliven staircases. Finally, banisters made of hand-forged iron or custom fretwork can transform stairs into sculptural masterpieces. With Staircon Online Designer your customers can design their stair on the web, choosing from your range of stair styles. Measurement of floor height and staircase can easily be adjusted.

Now, for the most outrageous and wickedly risky design. The Aero extra clear glass steps with led light systems by Trescalini are attached to one wall and alternate straight stairs with shifted steps. At least there’s an illuminated handrail that you can attempt to grasp as as you fall to your death.

The steps are made of wood and they look like petals of a flower. They’re spiraling around a metal pole and smartly occupy the corner of the room. Floating staircases are a common choice in the case of modern and contemporary interior designs.

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